A Dungeon World Wiki
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Who Maintains The Wiki?

That would be Laurelverse who joined the general DW online community in the summer of 2017

Who Decides What Content Should Be Linked or Hosted on the Wiki? 

That would also be Laurelverse.  There are no specific criteria to what is added to the wiki beyond this:

1. The only sourcebooks covered in virtually their entirety are Dungeon World and The Perilous Wilds , both of which are licensed in such a way to make that completely kosher.  Most other content found here has been put on the Internet via posts and links to personal RPG blogs and DW community forums .  Some of it (for better or worse) is in an adapted form.  

2. Attributions to authors and content creators are provided whenever possible.  There might be some adapted wording or format.  

I Want To Be Able to Edit or Add Content To the Wiki

Contacting me via the DW Discord server or leaving a message is probably the very best way to ask.  

Where Can I Submit Feedback?

You can post comments directly to the Wiki.  You can use the DW Discord server or leaving a message