A Dungeon World Wiki
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  • Every game is a conversation. Listen more than you talk and respect everyone's idea.

  • Every move starts and finishes with the fiction so don't look at your character sheet to decide what move to make. You're not limited to what it says there. Just describe what it is you're doing, and everyone will work out if a move triggers or not. And if it's not a move, you'll do it anyway, and the GM will tell you what happens. If you don't know what to do next, think about task and intent.

  • After every roll something happens. Every roll counts, every failure is bad. Bad situations can quickly snowball.

  • Rather than thinking of the results of a roll as being success vs. failure, think of them as "things get better" vs. "things get worse." On a 10+, things go in the direction the players want them to, but on a 6-, they don't. On a a 7-9 you get a little bit of both.

  • Dungeon World is a player driven game. There is no plot nor preconceived narrative. There are fronts and NPCs acting on their own motivations, the "story" comes from your involvement with the world.

  • Just like players the DM follows the rules and has moves. I have to play by them.

  • Don't be afraid to ask to inject your own ideas, the DM leave blanks that are meant to be filled during play.

  • It is more important to make interesting choices than optimal ones.

  • Unlike other RPGs try using the full array of moves not just the ones your character is good at. Remember that failing rolls grants you XP.