A Dungeon World Wiki

Villages are the smallest steadings in Classic DW.. They’re usually out of the way, off the main roads. If they’re lucky they can muster some defense but it’s often just rabble with pitchforks and torches. A village stands near some easily exploitable resource: rich soil, plentiful fish, an old forest, or a mine. There might be a store of some sort but more likely its people trade among themselves. Coin is scarce.

By default a village's tags are Poor, Steady, Militia, Resource (your choice) and has an Oath to another steading of your choice. If the village is part of a kingdom or empire choose one:

  • The village is somewhere naturally defended: Safe, -Defenses
  • The village has abundant resources that sustain it: +Prosperity, Resource (your choice), Enmity (your choice)
  • The village is under the protection of another steading: Oath (that steading), +Defenses
  • The village is on a major road: Trade (your choice), +Prosperity
  • The village is built around a wizard’s tower: Personage (the wizard), Blight (arcane creatures)
  • The village was built on the site of religious significance: Divine, History (your choice)

Choose one problem:

  • The village is in arid or uncultivable land: Need (Food)
  • The village is dedicated to a deity: Religious (that deity), Enmity (a settlement of another deity)
  • The village has recently fought a battle: -Population, -Prosperity if they fought to the end, -Defenses if they lost.
  • The village has a monster problem: Blight (that monster ), Need (adventurers)
  • The village has absorbed another village: +Population, Lawless
  • The village is remote or unwelcoming: -Prosperity, Dwarven or Elven