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Time Elemental.jpg

Solitary, Large, Magical, Planar, Amorphous

23 HP, 0 Armor
Withering arm (d12 damage 1 piercing, near)

Time elementals are creatures from a plane most sages are unaware even exists. A time elemental is a powerful creature formed of pure time and matter such as is unknown to even the most learned of sages. It is unknown how or why time elementals enter the Known World , as they cannot be summoned using the standard summoning spells.Time elementals attack by forming a misty or smoky arm from their forms and lashing at opponents. A time elemental can see a few seconds into the future. This ability prevents it from being surprised. Time elementals are immune to all time-related spells and effects.

Instinct: Cause Time Ripples

Eliminates Time paradoxes
Can Teleport thru time and space