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Damage Die: d6

Hit Points: 6+CON

Starting Moves 

Look Into My Eyes
When you use enchantment to ensnare the mind of an enemy, roll +CHA.

  • 10+ - You make a command of three words or less, and your opponent follows it as best as he can. He will not harm himself directly.
  • 7-9 - As 10+, but your command is a single word.

Beguiler's Cloak
When you weave an illusion to conceal your identity, roll +CHA.

  • 10+ - Your disguise and poise is flawless and will not be noticed until it's too late.
  • 7-9 - Something seems off about your disguise. While it will stand up to casual observation, it will fall apart under scrutiny.

You may communicate wordlessly and securely via telepathy with anyone you have a Bond with.

Daggers Behind Smiles
When you meet people who have no reason to believe you might betray them, they find you trustworthy and charming.

Level 2-5 Advanced Moves

Man of Mystery
You may choose a move from the Thief , Bard , or Noble classes.

You may roll +Cha instead of +Bond with anyone you have a Bond with.

Memory Adjustment
Instead of making a command with Look Into My Eyes, you may force them to forget a recent memory. Describe what they actually remember instead.

Regal Bearing
Your hirelings ' trust is eerily implicit. Their loyalty is +1 and you may substitute "make me pleased" for their Cost.

Hypnotic Decree
You may add an additional word to your commands with Look Into My Eyes, for a total of 4 on 10+ and 2 on 7-9.

You may use Thoughtsend on anyone in your field of vision. When you use Thoughtsend to disrupt an enemy's actions, roll +CHA. 10+ - Your enemy is deeply shaken as you prey upon his innermost insecurities. You and your allies take +1 Ongoing against them. 7-9 - Your enemy is unnerved, but still capable of defending himself. You or your allies take +1 Forward against them.

Sift Through Secrets
When you read the mind of someone who trusts you in order to find their secrets, roll +CHA. 10+ - The secrets you uncover are deeply hidden, perhaps even forgotten by the person who holds them. 7-9 - The secrets you uncover are useful, but letting on that you know them will break their trust in you. 6- - The secrets you uncover are useless, petty, or boring at best.

Cloak of Invisibility
When you use Beguiler's Cloak, you may instead use your magic to render yourself completely incapable of being seen or heard. When you take violent action, you are revealed.

Charm Person
When you weave enchantment to force someone who trusts you into becoming more pliable and helpful, roll +CHA. 10+ - They trust you implicitly, and will treat you as an old friend. They suspect nothing. 7-9 - Your magic holds, but only temporarily. You must work fast to get what you need from them or they will become suspect.

Level 6-10 Advanced Moves

How Clumsy Of You
When you use Look Into My Eyes, you may cause your enemy to ignore self preservation and/or harm himself directly. If he would do damage directly to himself, roll your damage die.

International Man of Mystery
You may choose a move from the Thief, Bard, or Noble classes.

Cloak of Mists (Requires Cloak of Invisibility)
When you use Beguilers Cloak to turn yourself invisible, you cannot be touched, and you may pass through walls. When you take violent action, you are revealed.

Dominate Monster (Requires Charm Person)
When you roll 12+ on Look Into My Eyes, you may make your target a thrall. Their loyalty is 1, and your command becomes their Cost. You may only have one thrall at a given time, and if you use Dominate Monster while you already have a thrall, your previous thrall is released from your clutches.

Iron Hypnotic Decree (Requires Hypnotic Decree)
You may add an additional word to your commands with Look Into My Eyes, for a total of 5 on 10+ and 3 on 7-9.

Tabula Rasa (Requires Mind Sculpting and Sift Through Secrets)
When you roll 12+ on Look Into My Eyes, you may instead rewrite your target’s memories entirely.


  • Neutral - Solve a problem by forcing your will on another.
  • Evil - Take advantage of someone weaker than yourself for your personal gain or amusement.

Racial Moves

  • Elf - Your elven eyes need only starlight to see perfectly in darkness.
  • Human - When people are charmed by or trust you, they will overlook minor discrepancies in your behavior.
  • Changeling - The changes you make with Beguilers Cloak are physical and real, you take +1 to Beguilers Cloak rolls.


You carry a dagger (hand, 1 weight, precise), and dungeon rations.
Choose two:

  • Black leather armor (Armor 1)
  • Adventuring gear and dungeon rations.
  • Impressive silk robes, and a snake staff with jeweled eyes (close, 1 weight, reach)
  • An unassuming blank sheet of paper that says exactly what you want it to say, when you want it to say it.