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Some of these moves outright replace corresponding special moves in classic GW.


When you venture into the caves of [Delver’s Defile], roll +WIS:

  • On 10+, You find your way to the vein of precious metal deep within, but getting out is another matter
  • On 7-9, you encounter a foul denizen or deadly hazard (ask the GM what).

Obscured Pits/Falls

When you cross [Ghost Hollow on a misty morning], roll +WIS:

  • On 10+, You notice the drop, and not a moment too soon
  • On 7-9, you step into it, but you have a split-second to save yourself from falling to a fate of the GM’s choosing. What do you do?


When you spend a day seeking food in the wild, and your surroundings are not Barren, roll +WIS:

  • 10+ You gain 1d4 rations, +1d4 rations if you have the knowledge and gear needed to trap or hunt.
  • 7-9 As above, but first face a Discovery or Danger of the GM’s choice.
  • 6- Mark XP, and GM makes a move.


When you travel by a safe route, through safe or dangerous lands, indicate your destination on the map. The GM will tell you how long the trip takes, and what—if anything—happens along the way. When you reach your destination, choose someone to Manage Provisions to determine how many rations were consumed over the course of the trip.

Make Camp

When you settle in to rest, choose one member of the party to Manage Provisions. Then, if you eat and drink, and have enough XP, you may level up. If you’re bedding down in dangerous lands, decide on a watch order. Then, the GM chooses one person on watch during the night to roll +nothing:

  • 10+ The night passes without incident.
  • 7-9 GM chooses 1 from the list below.
  • 6- Everyone marks XP, and a Danger manifests. You’d better Stay Sharp!
    • The person on watch notices a nearby Discovery
    • One party member of the GM’s choice suffers a restless night
    • One or more followers causes trouble
    • A Danger approaches—it’s not immediately hostile, but whoever’s on watch had better Stay Sharp anyway

Stay Sharp

When you wake from at least a few hours of uninterrupted sleep, and you ate and drank the night before, heal damage equal to half of your max HP.

Undertake a Perilous Journey

When you travel through dangerous lands, and not on a safe route, indicate the course you want to take on the map and ask the GM how far you should be able to get before needing to Make Camp. If you’re exploring with no set destination, indicate which way you go. Then, choose one party member to Scout Ahead and one to Navigate, resolving those moves in that order.

Scout Ahead

When you take point and look for anything out of the ordinary, roll +WIS:

  • 10+ Choose 2 from the list below.
  • 7-9 Choose 1 from the list below.
  • 6- Mark XP, and GM makes a move.
    • You get the drop on whatever lies ahead
    • You discern a beneficial aspect of the terrain—shortcut, shelter, or tactical advantage (describe it)
    • You make a Discovery (ask the GM)
    • You notice sign of a nearby Danger —ask the GM what it is, and what it might signify

Suggested GM Moves for Scout Ahead

  • Soft Moves
    • The weather worsens
    • Scout attracts unwanted attention
    • Scout becomes lost
  • Hard Moves
    • Scout encounters a Danger
    • Scout is ambushed
    • The rest of the party is ambushed
    • Scout is captured or trapped
    • Scout suffers an injury


When you plot the best course through dangerous or unfamiliar lands, roll +INT:

  • 10+ You avoid dangers and distractions and make good time, reaching a point of the GM’s choosing before you need to Make Camp.
  • 7-9 GM chooses 1 from the list below.
  • 6- Mark XP, and GM makes a move.
    • You happen upon a Discovery missed by the scout
    • The going is slow, or you wander off course. The GM says which, and where you end up on the map
    • You encounter a Danger; whether or not you’re surprised depends on whether the scout has the drop on it

Suggested GM Moves for Navigate

  • Soft Moves
    • The weather worsens
    • They’re being followed
    • They must backtrack, losing valuable time
  • Hard Moves
    • Someone slips and is injured
    • They stumble into a Danger
    • hey get lost

Manage Provisions

  • When you prepare and distribute food for the party, roll +WIS:
  • 10+ Choose 1 from the list below.
    • Careful management reduces the amount of rations consumed (ask the

GM by how much)

    • The party consumes the expected amount and the food you prepare is excellent—describe it, and everyone

who licks their lips takes +1 forward

  • 7-9 The party consumes the expected amount of rations (1 per person

if Making Camp, 1 per person per day if making a Journey).

  • 6- Mark XP, and GM makes a move.

Suggested GM Moves on Manage Provisions

  • Soft Moves
    • They bicker over ration shares
    • Local animal life is attracted by food
    • Someone becomes weak until they eat 1 additional ration
  • Hard Moves
    • Water is discovered to be tainted or poisonous
    • 1d4 rations are lost due to spoilage or over-consumption
    • Someone gets food poisoning and becomes shaky and sick
    • Nearby Danger is attracted by food


Severe Weather Moves

Hunker Down

When you take shelter to wait out the elements, choose 1 party member to roll +nothing: 10+ It doesn’t take long for things to clear up.

  • 7-9 Things aren’t going to change any time soon. You can Forge Ahead, or Make Camp here for the night and hope things have changed by


  • 6- Mark XP, and GM makes a move.

Forge Ahead

When you push on despite powerful opposition from the elements, roll +CON:

  • 10+ You go as far as you are able before needing to pause for a rest.
  • 7-9 Choose 1 from the list below.
  • 6- Mark XP, and GM makes a move.
    • You go as far as you are able, but overtax yourself and become weak, shaky, or sick (choose one).
    • You go as far as you are able, but the weather takes its deepest toll on your gear (ask the GM how).
    • On second thought, maybe you’re better off staying put.

If you make progress, ask the GM where you end up on the map, and if the weather shows any sign of relenting.