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The prerequisite, absorbing magical energy from an unsuspecting creature, can be achieved through any creative means (i.e. a magic item, a wizard's ritual, etc.). Then, the ability to absorb magic using her own power is unlocked, should the character invest in it.

When you sap magic from a surprised or defenseless arcane enemy with a melee attack, roll + INT.

  • On 10+, the enemy's magic is temporarily diminished, deal your damage, and choose two tags.
  • On 7–9, it's the same, but you only choose one tag.

You may cast the stolen magic into a rudimentary offensive spell which always begins with the magical, touch, unreliable and 3 uses tags. Use INT when you make an attack with this magic, then, 1 use of your stolen magic dissipates.

  • hand
  • thrown, near
  • +1 damage
  • remove the unreliable tag