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Scouting Ahead.svg

When you go off on your own to explore a dangerous area, tell us how you do it then Roll+:

  • DEX if you rely on stealth and agility
  • CON if your path is one of hardship and endurance
  • CHA if you blend in with the locals

On a 7+, you make it back safely and the GM will describe what you encountered. Then:

  • On 10+ pick 3:
  • On 7-9 pick 1:
    • Ask a question from Discern Realities about what you encountered (you can choose this more than once)
    • You were able to sneak something out of there; ask the GM what
    • You made some preparation or created some advantage to exploit upon your return; work out the details with the GM
    • You got away clean: leaving no trace, rousing no suspicion, etc.

Regardless of your choices, answer the GMs questions about what happened out there. On a 6-, mark XP and choose 1 plus anything else the GM does:

  • You make it back to the others but with trouble hot on your heels!
  • You're missing in action; the details will be revealed late