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Signature Weapon.png

When you acquire a new weapon to replace your lost signature weapon , Roll +Int

  • On 10+ You are able to quickly adapt to this new weapon. It fits you almost as well as your lost Signature Weapon. Choose the new base description, range, and look. Then choose 1 new enhancement from the normal signature list. After your nextMake Camp or Recover move, choose the second enhancement.
  • On 7-9: This weapon may be similar, but it's just not the same. Use a d8 damage die until your next "Make Camp" or "Recover" move. This becomes your new Signature Weapon after a few modifications (spend 100 coin in a city with a blacksmith).
  • On 6-: This weapon is nothing at all like you are used to. Use a d8 damage die until your next "make camp" or "Recoer" move. This weapon will never become your Signature Weapon. If hunting for a new weapon using the Supply move, treat all 6- as a 7-9