Read the Fates

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Divination can be added to a custom playbook or added as a custom move for anyone with a mundane or magical oracle device and the skill at using it.

Read the Fates

During Make Camp, you can spend some time (an hour or two) attempting divination. Ask a question about the most likely fate of a specific person, location or object.  Roll 2d6 + WIS.

  • On a 10+, you receive (from the GM) a detailed vision of images, sounds, smells, etc., of the object of your query and can ask 3 additional questions that the GM will answer honestly.  If any unleashed Grim Portents involve the object, that information may be introduced by the GM if it seems relevant.  
  • On a 7-9, you are presented with somewhat nebulous and hard to interpret visions of the object of your query and can ask 1 additional question.  
  • On a 6-, you are presented a disturbing or unclear vision in addition to any GM move. 
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