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"When I have players stealth, I ask them how they sneak, what their path is, what their backup plan is, etc. This gives me tons of information to seed partial successes and failures. If they're sneaking in the rafters above the guards in the warehouse, there are failures about guards looking up, beams breaking, slipping (but not alerting guards as they hang from a beam), tools falling, etc. Furthermore, as a GM, you have the option of choosing the granularity of the stealth rolls that are done. It could be sneaking into an entire castle if the your campaign doesn't care about stealth or sneaking through a single room if it matters." - [r/Reddit]

When you move silently and hidden from sight, hold 3 Cloak. When you risk revealing your presence while holding Cloak, roll 2d6+ Cloak :

  • On a 10+, you remain undetected.
  • On a 7-9, choose 1 (the GM will fill in the details):
    • You arouse suspicion and lose 1 Cloak.
    • You are spotted but have the drop on them.
    • You stumble on an obstacle you did not expect.
    • You leave behind incriminating evidence.
  • On a 6-, lose 1 Cloak in addition to whatever the GM says.

When your Cloak reaches 0, the jig is up.

Rolling 2d6+CLOAK is key here : the longer you stay hidden and the more stuff you do, the harder it is to remain undetected. No nonsense like "it was just my imagination" from the guards.

(Credit to u/Qrowboat on reddit for 90% of this move)