A Dungeon World Wiki

Before the first session, you should print some stuff.  Included below are some very helpful documents created by GW fans and offered free online.  

Don't bring a planned storyline or plot. You don't know the heroes or the world before you sit down to play so planning anything is just going to frustrate you. It also conflicts with your agenda : play to find out what happens.

Getting Started

1. Introduce Dungeon World to Anyone Who Hasn't Played Before

  • Cover the mechanical basis of moves
  • Introduce the character classes
  • Help the players pick their classes
  • Walk them through character creation
  • Ask lots of questions to find out interesting facts about the characters and let those facts shape the initial fiction.

2. Some Commonly Asked Questions

  • Are the characters friends? Not necessarily but they adventure together a team for common goals.
  • Are there other wizards(bards, etc.,)? Not really. Your class moves are unique to you alone. No GM character will ever really be the same thing even if the common folk call all workers of arcane magic "wizards".
  • What's coin? Coin is the currency of the realm. It will buy mundane stuff just about anywhere. Magic items and other rarities aren't for sale- not for coin any way.
  • Do we need to be the same alignment? No. But it helps if the characters have some kind of shared moral ground- or are at least willing to pretend to. If there's no possible way that two character concepts are going to get along well enough to adventure together? Then someone needs to be willing to make their character more compatible with the others.
  • What color skin can my elf have? How tall can my dwarf be? You (the player) tell me (the GM) what color skin your elf has and if that's normal for the elves of the Realm. Likewise, if you are the only dwarf player? You get to decide who the tallest dwarf is and if you are playing them. All those details about races or anything else found on the playbook? There are no pre-established answers. Write them down as the answers are provided by people contributing to the fiction.