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Possession involves the magical means with which a creature displaces or overrides the target’s consciousness with its own, establishing direct control over the target’s body.

Willing Possession

When you enter an altered state of consciousness and allow a spirit to possess your body, roll+WIS.

  • On a 10+, the spirit is benevolent and will keep whatever agreement was made between you.
  • On a 7-9, the spirit's intentions are benevolent but the GM will reveal an unwelcome truth.
  • On a 6-, the GM will decide the outcome
  • The spirit will show you what has happened recently in the area

Defying the Danger of Possession  by Laurelverse

When an Adventurer is at risk of being possession resists, they shoud roll+WIS

  • On a 10+, they are able to resist the spirit's grasp and gain +1 forward on their next move regarding the creature that sought to possess them.
  • On a 7-9, the spirit does not achieve immediate control but they should choose 1
    • mentally fighting with the spirit is ongoing; they are unable to take any additional moves at this time
    • the spirit has partial control and the GM should describe accordingly
    • the spirit is flung away but they should mark a debility that was previously unmarked
  • On a 6-, the character is possessed and the GM will describe what happens next.  

Custom Playbooks that include Possession-Based Moves