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Classic GW Poisons

  • dangerous: easy to get into trouble with; if you interact with it without proper precautions, the GM may freely invoke consequences to your foolish actions.
  • applied: only useful when carefully applied a person or imbibed through food and drink
  • touch: its used by touching it to the target's skin.
  • inhaled (custom): vaporous- it must be inhaled by the target. Can effect more than one target if they are close.

Oil of Tagit

Dangerous, applied, 15 coins, 0 weight

The target falls into a light sleep.


Dangerous, touch, 12 coins, 0 weight

Until cured, whenever the afflicted rolls damage, they roll an additional d4 and subtract that result from their normal damage.


Dangerous, applied, 20 coins, 0 weight

The target treats the next creature they see as a trusted ally, until proved otherwise.

Serpent’s Tears

Dangerous, touch, 10 coins, 0 weight

Anyone dealing damage against the target rolls twice and takes the better result.

Dwarfware Poisons from Dwarfare Emporium

Dead Man Walking

Dangerous, applied, 100 coins, 0 weight.

Unless cured, the target falls terribly ill after 3 days and then takes its last breath, its death appearing of natural causes.

Kosher’s Slip

Dangerous, applied, 50 coins, 0 weight.

The target answers the next question it is asked truthfully.

Onyx Sight

Dangerous, touch, 35 coins, 0 weight.

Until cured, the target gradually becomes blind over the course of a minute.


Dangerous, touch, 30 coins, 0 weight.

The target enters a blinding rage, attacking everything on sight for a few crucial seconds.

Satyr’s Titter

Dangerous, applied, 55 coins, 0 weight.

Until cured, whenever the target hears a joke or a funny word, it laughs uncontrollably for a few minutes.


Dangerous, applied, touch, 30 coins, 0 weight

This poison is particularly good for anyone who wishes to follow a target. Two doses are made, one for the target and one for you, the hunter. The target becomes sweaty and releases a persistent but subtle sweet smell. When you discern realities, you may ask the GM “in what direction is the sweet smell coming from?” The GM will answer truthfully.


Dangerous, applied, touch, 35 coins,0 weight

Until cured, if the poison was applied the target cannot use magic. If the poison touches the target, magical effects or attacks are diminished or halved, the GM will describe how.


Dangerous, touch, 30 coins, 0 weight

Until the next sunrise, if the target is a wolf or lycanthrope its movement is slowed and creatures attacking it deal +1d4 of damage. If a creature bitten by a lycanthrope drinks this poison it gets a second chance to resist turning into one.

Other Poison

Eyeblight by Mark Chance

Dangerous, applied, touch 30 coins, 0 weight

Damages the eyes, impairing vision or even causing blindness

Fumblethumbs by Mark Chance

Dangerous, applied, touch, 30 coins, 0 weight

Numbs the extremities, especially the fingers and toes. Larger doses restrict blood flow, possibly leading to gangrene.


Jilting Rose by Jonathan Spengler

Dangerous, applied, 35 coins, 0 weight

Slowly replaces love, affection, and trust for family and friends into disdain and hatred. Dosing over long periods of time creates an overwhelming sense paranoia, eventually leading to hysterics and self imposed isolation. Unknown if lethal: victims eventually die from dehydration as they stop trusting sources of water all together.

ID MOSS by Peter

Dangerous, applied, 35 coins, 0 weight

Target slowly loses self control, exhibiting greater tendencies to overconfidence and megalomania. A saint might lose their patience, a normal person becomes a jerk, a tyrant becomes a monster. Repeated applications can affect mental functions and even turn them into a mindless beast


Dangerous, touch, 30 coins, 0 weight causes severe cramping in limbs (causes debility:shaky) it comes into contact with. Often used as a trap for thieves, or an extremely cruel prank.


Dangerous, applied, 30 coins

Will only cause a mild headache on it's own but has the very useful side effect of greatly lowering the subjects alcohol tolerance and rendering them with the debility: confused when imbibed with alcohol.

Pixie Dust

Dangerous, inhaled, 35 coins

Target exhibits an almost comical level of trust and gullibility, believing you to be their infallible friend for a short time (no longer than an hour) until you prove otherwise.


Dangerous, inhale, 35 coins

A very sadistic poison. When inhaled, the target slowly gags and chokes to death on their own phlegm and bile. Even those who escape in time are often left with ravaged lungs and the debility: sick.


Dangerous, applied, 50 coins

Said to bypass the body and attack the life energy of a person directly, separating the soul from the body and leaving a void that other things can fill. Causes the curse : possessed .  Rumored to be used in the transformation to lichdom.

RAVENER'S REEK by Dylan Knight

Dangerous, inhaled, applied, 30 coins

The scent of this oil, undetectable to men, will drive vermin to frenzies of ravening hunger. 

Jan 8, 2015 Sean Fager's profile photo Sean Fager +1

Avarice Tears original idea by Sean Fager

Dangerous, touch, 35 coins

Target will feel compelled for a short time (no more than an hour) to do whatever is necessary to see and hold the physical object they value above all else.  If the object is not present, they will immediately begin to travel to wherever they believe the object to be until effect wears off. Attempts to Interfere or Parley may or may not be effective. Developed by a court magician to test loyalties and motivations for his sire, the tears have been co-opted by thieves seeking the location of particularly valuable and well hidden treasures.

Godsbane by James Etheridge

Dangerous, applied, 40 coins

Target slowly loses their connection to the divine. Priests and Paladins find their deities' voices grow distant, then silent. Angels and other divine servants wither into mortality. Rumors abound about the effect the poison might have on a god.

Widow's Bite by Dylan Knight

Dangerous, applied, 35 coins

An unusual concoction, in that it is not dangerous to the target, but instead makes them poisonous to others. The target's skin, hair, ect all become toxic. Casual contact is not enough to produce harmful effects, but sustained exposure, such as a lover's embrace, can be deadly.  Causes the [Curses]] : Toxic

 Allknow based on original idea of Sean Fager

Dangerous, ingested, 35 coins

Used primarily by sacrificial prophets rather than thieves.   

Users know, momentarily, all of creation that is, was, or will be. By intensely concentrating on a given question they can derive the answer in a flash. The wandering mind, however, sees... everything. Many of the prophets have flown into endless, violent rages that only stop when they die (at the hands of others or themselves) or slip into a melancholy ennui depriving them of any interest in the world. 

When you knowingly imbibe Allknow while asking the cosmos a question, Roll + WIS.

  • On 10+ you get your answer without debilities.
  • On a 7-9 you still get your answer but suffer two debilities of player's choice.  

On a miss, or when unknowingly ingesting Allknow, a person's mind shatters (gains Curse: Insanity) or the attention of Unknowable Ones is drawn to the consumer (GM's choice) as well as any actions taken by the GM. 

(from Spanterhook)


Dangerous, Touch

Administered through the skin, this poison renders the target nearly dead. They sleep deeply, with shallow breathing, until the poison is cured or a few hours pass.

Tongue Loosener

Dangerous, Touch

This poison causes the target to answer, as best they can, any questions posed to them. Resisting any specific question requires Making a Saving Throw. The effect lasts until the target’s mouth is washed clean or they get a fall asleep.


Dangerous, Applied

This poison, when consumed in food or drink, gives the victim an intense craving. The exact target of this craving is up to the GM, but is almost always something physical, consumable, and obvious to the victim. The victim takes +1 ongoing when pursuing their craving, but -1 ongoing to everything else. The craving lasts until the victim is cured, the craving is fulfilled, or a few minutes pass.