A Dungeon World Wiki

(adapted from The Perilous Wilds)


The first tag of a region is always its climate, which include the three found in The Perilous Wilds with two additions.

  • Frigid: the coldest part of the world, often covered in ice and snow.
  • Savannah: long warm, dry season with short wet monsoon season.
  • Temperate: mild, with temperatures generally ranging from warm to cool,and usually subject to the four seasons

of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

  • Torrid: the hottest part of the world, including arid deserts and humid jungles.
  • Tropical: warm temperatures and regular rainfalls with little seasonal change

Terrain Types

The prevailing landscape of a region, area or site

  • mountains
  • tundra
  • plains
  • riverlands
  • marsh
  • hill
  • desert
  • forest
  • swamp/forest
  • plains
  • beach
  • glaciers
  • jungle

Political Borders

The government which binds places larger than steadings

  • kingdom
  • barony
  • empire
  • tribal lands
  • republic
  • duchy
  • city state
  • confederacy
  • emirate
  • sultanate
  • province
  • colony

Danger Level

  • Safe: A civilized land, refuge in the wild, or sanctuary, where daily life is relatively safe.
  • Unsafe: If you watch your back and travel in numbers, you’ll probably get through unharmed.
  • Perilous: Here be monsters. Be vigilant, or meet your end.


  • Neutral (most common)
  • Lawful
  • Good
  • Chaotic
  • Evil


  • Barren: lacks abundant water and fertile soil. Foraging on Barren terrain is difficult.
  • Blighted: cursed, poisoned, or diseased by some maleficent force. Foraging on Barren terrain is dangerous.
  • Bountiful: extremely fertile land. Foraging is easy and unregulated.
  • Civilized: possesses cultural, social, and/or economic infrastructure that has withstood the test of time. Foraging on civilized land is physically easy but might be viewed as "stealing" in some cultures.
  • Contested ( ____ / ____ ): claimed as property by two or more parties, i.e, “Contested (Hawk Tribe/Bull Tribe).”
  • Defensible: fortified or possessing natural defenses (cliffs, high ground, etc.)
  • Difficult: hard to traverse (swampland, dense jungle, steep hills, etc.).
  • Enchanted: imbued with arcane energy that causes some particular effect.
  • Holy or Unholy: blessed by some divine power or stained by blasphemy.
  • Property ( ____ ): owned by an entity, i.e., “Property (King John)”.
  • Resource ( ____ ): contains a substantial amount of something valuable and extractable (gold, timber, crops, etc.), i.e.,“Resource (iron).”