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Basic Tags

  • Magical: It is by nature magical through and through.
  • Devious: Its main danger lies beyond the simple clash of battle. Amorphous: Its anatomy and organs are bizarre and unnatural.
  • Organized: It has a group structure that aids it in survival. Defeating one may cause the wrath of others. One may sound an alarm.
  • Intelligent: It’s smart enough that some individuals pick up other skills. The GM can adapt the monster by adding tags to reflect specific training, like a mage or warrior.
  • Hoarder: It almost certainly has treasure.
  • Stealthy: It can avoid detection and prefers to attack with the element of surprise.
  • Terrifying: Its presence and appearance evoke fear.
  • Cautious: It prizes survival over aggression.
  • Construct: It was made, not born
  • Planar: It’s from beyond this world

Organization Tags

  • Horde: Where there’s one, there’s more. A lot more.
  • Group: Usually seen in small numbers, 3–6 or so.
  • Solitary: It lives and fights alone.

Size Tags

  • Tiny: It’s much smaller than a halfling.
  • Small: It’s about halfling size. Large: It’s much bigger than a human, about as big as a cart.
  • Huge: It’s as big as a small house or larger

Custom Tags