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When you are compelled to act against your will, mark XP if you act as bidden. If you resist, roll +WIS:

  • On 10+, you shake off the compulsion and act as you wish;
  • On 7-9, choose 1:
    • Stand dazed, fighting for control of your mind
    • Start acting as compelled but stop yourself at the last moment
    • Harm yourself to regain control (1d6 damage, ignores armor)
  • On a 6-, you come to your senses having done gods-know-what.

Under The Influence

When you are ensorcelled, beguiled, or charmed, ask the GM to describe what the enchantment would have you do (such as “keep the secret of the Blue Idol,” “please the dryad and earn her affection,” “treat Bargle as a trusted friend and confidant,” or “burn it all down”). Write this directive down, along with as many boxes as the GM says

  • 1 box for a weak enchantment
  • 3 for a powerful one
  • 5 for a truly mighty one).

While you are so enchanted, the GM gains this move:
Compel them to act on their enchantment When you act according to your enchantment, without being compelled to do so, mark XP. Each session, you can mark XP this way only once per box you have drawn (marked or not). When you would act contrary to your enchantment, it compels you to do otherwise. When you resist the compulsion of your enchantment and roll a 10+, mark one of the boxes. If you roll a 6-, add another box. When you mark the last box, you break free.