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3 uses, 1 weight

Created by a mage who was gifted in both arcane and classical art, anything you paint with them will become real. Painting a door on a wall allows you to pass through it. Painting a feast makes real, edible food. When you paint a creature, place, or object with the marvelous pigments, spend 1 use and Roll:

  • +1 if you have something to reference.
  • +1 if you use high quality art brushes.
  • +1 if you have plenty of time and don't rush.
  • +1 if you have an artistic background.
  • On a 10+ the painting is a masterpiece! When it becomes real, it is as if it were the original subject in every way.
  • On a 7-9 it looks real enough, but upon close inspection some flaws and imperfections can be seen (painted food tastes a bit off, a person may have strange proportions, etc)