A Dungeon World Wiki

(from The Perilous Wilds )

Give each follower a name, roll on one or more of the NPC tables if you like, and play to find out what they’re like. When it comes time to determine specifics, follow the instructions under the relevant entry below. If you are prepping followers ahead of time, follow the steps in order.

1. Quality
Choose one or roll 1d12:

  • 1-3 A liability: Quality -1, +0 tags
  • 4-9 Reasonably competent: Quality +0, +1 tags
  • 10-11 Fully capable: Quality +1, +2 tags
  • 12 An exceptional individual: Quality +2, +4 tags

2. Background
Choose one or more, or roll 1d12:

  • 1-2 Has lived a life of servitude and oppression: +Meek
  • 3 Past their prime: -1 to Quality, +1 Wise (see Tags & Moves)
  • 4-5 Has lived a life of danger: +2 tags
  • 6-9 Unremarkable
  • 10 Has lived a life of privilege: +1 tag
  • 11 Specialist: +1 to Quality, -2 tags
  • 12 Roll twice on this table

3. Tags
The first tag every follower has is a Wise, expressed as ____-wise, where the blank is filled by whatever subject or thing the follower knows best. Write down the follower’s Wise.

If the follower has more than 1 tag, choose additional tags from the Follower Tags list, either now or as needed. Optionally, you can replace a tag with an extra move (see next step).

4. Moves
Write 1-3 moves for the follower that further describe their behavior and abilities. These are for you, the GM. Use them like other GM moves, when the players look to you to see what the follower does, or when they give you a golden opportunity. The players might order or expect a follower to use one of these moves on their behalf. That’s fine, but you might require them to Order Followers and/or that the follower Do Their Thing.

A follower move reflects a skill, ability, or trait that can’t be better summarized by a tag. Examples include:

  • Point out a flaw in the plan
  • Notice something hidden
  • Follow quarry by tracks and spoor
  • Tend to the sick and injured
  • Divine the future
  • Poison someone

5. Loyalty
By default, a new follower starts with Loyalty +1, but the GM may add or subtract 1 Loyalty to reflect their initial disposition and their respect (or lack thereof) for the characters they follow.

6. Instinct
What does the follower do naturally that might cause trouble? Choose one, make one up, or roll 1d12:

  • 1 Loot, pillage, and burn
  • 2 Hold a grudge and seek payback
  • 3 Question leadership or authority
  • 4-5 Lord over others
  • 6-7 Act impulsively
  • 8-9 Give in to temptation
  • 10-11 Slack off
  • 12 Avoid danger or punishment

7. Cost
What motivates the follower to accompany and assist the characters? Choose one, make one up, or roll 1d12:

  • 1 Debauchery: food, drink, gambling, sex, and mischief. The higher their Loyalty, the more extreme the cost.
  • 2 Vengeance: payback against those that have wronged them or their loved ones. The higher their Quality, the more direct and tangible

the payback they require.

  • 3-5 Lucre: coin appropriate to their steading’s Prosperity; highly skilled followers might demand more coin.
  • 6-7 Renown: public recognition for their deeds and skills. The higher their Quality, the larger the audience required.
  • 8-9 Glory: defeating a worthy foe in battle. The higher their Quality, the more worthy the foe must be. Possibly limited to certain enemy types (demons, barbarians, etc.).
  • 10 Affection: kind words and deeds, quality time and attention. The more extreme their Loyalty, the more affection they require.
  • 11 Knowledge: secrets, mysteries, and wonders only found by exploring the wider world.
  • 12 Good: suffering alleviated, innocents defended, wrongs righted. The higher their Quality, the greater the good required.

8. Hit Points
How resilient are they? Pick one or roll:

  • 1-3 Weak/frail/soft: 3 HP
  • 4-9 Able-bodied: 6 HP
  • 10-12 Tough/strong/hard: 9 HP

9. Armor & Shield
Choose one armor and/or give them a shield, according to who they are and where they come from:

  • None: 0 armor
  • Hides or leather: 1 armor
  • Scale or chain: 2 armor
  • Plate: 3 armor
  • Shield: +1 armor

10. Damage
How dangerous are they in a fight? Pick one according to who they are, or roll:

  • 1-4 Not very: d4 damage
  • 5-10 Can defend themselves: d6 damage
  • 11-12 Veteran fighter: d8 damage

Assign range & tags based on the weapons they wield.

11. Load & Gear
In addition to arms, armor, and any other tools of their trade, human-sized followers have a Load of 2. Equip them based on their circumstances and the Prosperity of their home steading.

Monsters & Followers

When you turn a monster into a follower, give it a Quality score from -1 to +2 (or even +3 if it’s truly magnificent). Set its Loyalty as with any new follower. Choose (or make up) a Cost. Add any tags you deem appropriate, but otherwise use as-is.

When you turn a follower into a monster, use their stats as-is.