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Places of Power are sites that are themselves possessed of arcane or divine energy.  Wizards can draw upon them for rituals.  Very little detail is provided about them in classic Dungeon World, leaving it up to GMs to work out any details or custom moves involving them.  The following are suggestions and resources put together to help GMs do so.

Make It a particular power 

This could be:

  • dedicated to a particular deity and reflecting its domain
  • specific to one school of magic
  • unholy or infernal; might be dangerous for ritual use
  • imbued with power from a historical event that relates directly to what happened

Sample places of power

  • dragonic burial grounds
  • ancient library
  • heart of a forbidden temple
  • highest mountain peak in the land
  • confluence of ley lines
  • central glade in a priomordial forest
  • elemental vortex

Include both a Discovery & a Danger