A Dungeon World Wiki

A keep is a steading built specifically for defense—sometimes of a particularly important location like a river delta or a rich gold mine. Keeps are found at the frontier edges of civilization. Inhabitants are inured to the day-to-day dangers of the road. They’re tough folks that number between a hundred and a thousand, depending on the size of the keep and the place it defends. Keeps won’t often have much beyond their own supplies, traded to them from nearby villages, but will almost always have arms and armor and sometimes a rare magical item found in the local wilds.

By default a keep's tags are Poor, Shrinking, Guard, Need (Supplies), Trade (someplace with supplies), Oath (your choice). If the keep is owed fealty by at least one settlement choose one:

  • The keep belongs to a noble family: +Prosperity, Power (Political)
  • The keep is run by a skilled commander: Personage (the commander), +Defenses
  • The keep stands watch over a trade road: +Prosperity, Guild (trade)
  • The keep is used to train special troops: Arcane, -Population
  • The keep is surrounded by fertile land: remove Need (Supplies)
  • The keep stands on a border: +Defenses, Enmity (steading on the other side of the border)

Choose one problem:

  • The keep is built on a naturally defensible position: Safe, -Population
  • The keep was a conquest from another power: Enmity (steadings of that power)
  • The keep is a safe haven for brigands: Lawless
  • The keep was built to defend from a specific threat: Blight (that threat)
  • The keep has seen horrible bloody war: History (Battle), Blight (Restless Spirits)
  • The keep is given the worst of the worst: Need (Skilled Recruits)