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HP is a measure of a character's stamina, endurance and health.  The more HP a character possesses, the longer they can endure physical trauma before taking a Last Breath .  Most monsters have 3-24 HP; Combat in Dungeon World is intended to go quickly and has a lot of lethality to it.   

Maximum HP

Class HP + Constitution Score (not modifier) determes a character's maximum HP in classic Dungeon World. It does not increase when a character gains a new level, only when their constitution score increases.  Class HP ranges between 4-10. Specifically:

  • Barbarian HP is 8 + Con Score
  • Bard HP is 6 + Con Score
  • Cleric HP is 8 + Con Score
  • Druid HP is 6+ Con Score
  • Fighter HP is 10 + Con Score
  • Immolator HP is 4 + Con Score
  • Paladin HP is 10 + Con Score
  • Ranger HP is 8 + Con Score
  • Thief HP is 6+ Con Score
  • Wizard is 4 + Con Score

{Custom Maximum HP- LAS}

GMs can always reduce the disparity in HP between classes either by raising everyone's class HP to 10  or giving all classes 7.  This is just a matter of taste.   

Losing HP

When a character takes damage they subtract the damage dealt from their current HP.  Armor mitigates damage; every point of armor (worn, spell effect, etc) subtracts one point from damage dealt except when an attack comes from a source tagged to ignore armor either partially or completely.  Damage can never reduce a character's HP to below 0.