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Hirelings venture along with the adventuring party into the gloom and danger for money, glory or to fufill even stranger needs.  They are not heroes in themselves, though they might become one if they are picked to replace someone killed or otherwise lost.  They are GM-controlled characters that lack a playbook in classical DW.  They are paid help who lend their skills to the party.  .  

Building A Hireling

A hireling is defined by their Skill (or Skills), Cost and Loyalty Score.  

Hireling Skills

Skills function very much like class moves, allowing a hirelings to "fill in" for a certain related class. They have ranks 1 to 10, similar to adventurer levels, which establish how well-trained the hireling is. Hirelings generally only work for adventurers of equal or higher level than their highest skill. Skills don't limit what a hireling can do, they just provide mechanics like a class move. Even if they lack a skill for carrying a heavy backpack or checking for traps, they can still attempt to do so if asked. The outcome isn't guaranteed. Sending a hireling to do something that is clearly beyond their ability, however, is asking the GM for trouble.

Hireling Cost

No hireling works for free, even if the currency they demand isn't coin. The hireling's cost is what it takes to keep them with the adventuring party. If their cost isn't paid consistently (usually once a session), they are liable to quit or turn on the group.

Hireling Loyalty Score

Loyalty is a strong sense of support and allegiance. The higher a hireling's loyalty? The more selfless and stalwart they will be. Hirelings generally do as they are told by party members as long as their cost is met and they aren't put into a dangerous, degrading or stupid position. When they are? The players may have to make the Order Hirelings move.

Order Hirelings

When a hireling find themselves in a dangerous, degrading, or just flat-out crazy situation due to your orders roll+loyalty.

  • On a 10+ they stand firm and carry out the order.
  • On a 7–9 they do it for now, but come back with serious demands later. Meet them or the hireling quits on the worst terms.