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Large, Flying
Proboscis (D12+2, 1 Piercing) Reach
15 HP 2 Armor (Exoskeleton)


The Gigaedes is a creature of legend that can be read about in ancient scrolls. Scholars believe them to be long extinct, but treasure hunters insist they can be found in the old places of the world. Typically, you will find them in their dormant state, tucked safely away in their great stone Pupa, only awakening when blood touches the stone. Awakened, they are terrible to behold. A winged and six-legged insect standing 8-10 feet tall, and weighing as much as a horse. A great and terrible bloody proboscis extends forth from its inhuman face, 4 feet in length. As thick as a quarterstaff, it can impale any man easily, and the Gigaedes can suck every last drop of blood from a full grown human man in 30 seconds. As dangerous as this is, the most dangerous thing about the Gigaedes is it’s horrifying gaze. Those who claim to have somehow survived it say that the black of the Gigaedes’s eyes are as black as Death’s himself. Being caught in that gaze will root you to the spot, leaving you paralyzed and unable to stop the Gigaedes from drinking you dry. Thankfully, these creatures are rare. Gods forbid they should ever start to breed…

  • Instinct: To drink blood and to lay/hatch eggs.


  • Suck the blood from it’s victims.
  • Fly to safety.
  • Return to it’s Pupa state.

Custom Move: Trap a hero in it’s paralyzing gaze. When a hero is trapped in the paralyzing gaze of the Gigaedes roll 2d6 + Wisdom. On a 10+ the hero escapes the gaze unharmed. On a 7-9 the hero manages to escape, but is visibly shaken by the experience and takes -1 going forward until they can take time to recover. On a 6-, the hero is fully paralyzed by the Gigaedes and is unable to move until the Gigaedes is killed or blinded.

Gigaedes Larva
Small, Group
Maw (1d6), close
3 HP 0 Armor

The Larva stage of the Gigaedes life cycle may not be as dangerous as a full grown one, but it can be dangerous nonetheless. It will eat the flesh of the victims of it’s mother until such time as it is large enough to enter it’s Pupa state. They grow extraordinarily quickly, faster than seems biologically possible. They hatch from their eggs about the size of a very large rat, and will grow to about the size of a dog. Once it reaches full size, it creates a giant stone encasement around itself as a Pupa. There it will lay dormant until blood touches the stone, when it will awaken as a fully grown adult Gigaedes.

  • Instinct: To consume flesh.


  • Consume the flesh of the living or dead.
  • Grow substantially in size.
  • Enter pupa state.