Follower Tags

  • ____-wise: they know all about ____, and can roll +Quality to Spout Lore about it on your behalf. Examples:

Woods-wise, Sea-wise, Herb-wise.

  • Archer: they use ranged attacks (notnecessarily bows) effectively and can roll +Quality to Volley on your behalf.
  • Athletic: good at running, jumping, climbing and the like.
  • Beautiful: they make an impression, drawing admiration and attention.
  • Cautious: they are careful and methodical; they avoid acting rashly.
  • Connected ( ____ ): they have friends or contacts in ____, a steading or group.
  • Cunning: clever and observant. They can roll +Quality to Discern Realities on your behalf.
  • Devious: deceitful, treacherous, tricky. Just the sort you want working for you.
  • Group: a team, gang, or mob, with all the strengths and disadvantages that come with greater numbers.
  • Guide ( ____ ): knows a particular steading or region and can roll +Quality to Spout Lore, Scout Ahead , or Navigate for the party therein.
  • Hardy: tough, hard-working, and willing to put up with discomfort. They get +2 Load.
  • Healer: they have the knowledge and ability to provide aid to the injured and the sick. When they tend wounds with bandages or herbs & poultice, add their Quality to damage healed.
  • Meek: they accept their lowly lot, and will do degrading or unreasonable things without needing to Follow Orders .
  • Magical : they are magical by nature or training, and sensitive to the workings of magic. Use at least one of their moves to elaborate on their powers.
  • Organized: they make and follow plans well, and work well in a group. Once they agree to a plan, you do not need to Order Followers as long as the plan doesn’t go south.
  • Self-sufficient: can live off the land and roll +Quality to Forage .
  • Stealthy: can avoid detection and often get the drop on foes.
  • Warrior: they take +1 to their damage die roll, and you don’t need to Order Follower to get them to fight (as long as the opposition is not terrifying or overwhelming).
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