When you spend some time fishing in a spot where the fish are biting, roll+WIS.

  • On 7-9, you take in enough to feed yourself and your companions; these count as rations if you Make Camp in that same day.
  • If you roll 10+, choose 1 additional:
    • You find a mysterious item as you clean your catch – an engraved ring, a crystal key, a treasure map, or whatever the GM tells you
    • One of the fish you reel in speaks your tongue, and offers you a boon if you will spare its life.
    • You gain a new understanding of a companion that fishes with you – you can rewrite a bond you have with them, or they can rewrite a bond they have with you
    • You attract the attention of a curious and mostly benign creature or spirit.
    • One of these fish swam through the Well of Wisdom in the land of Faerie; the next time you Spout Lore, treat a 6- as a partial success.
    • You become familiar with the countryside and wildlife around you – take +1 ongoing to whichever role you choose when you Undertake a Perilous Journey in this area.
    • Tell the GM what person, place, or thing you recently encountered and are spending your time thinking about, and ask them one question from the Discern Realities list about it.
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