A Dungeon World Wiki

When you fall…

  • a few feet (like off a table or a horse), take 1d4 damage
  • from a modest height (out a first story window, while climbing a tree), take 1d8 damage
  • from a serious height (off a roof, down a ravine), take 1d10 damage (ignores armor)
  • onto something soft and yielding (water, pillows), roll twice and take the lower roll
  • onto something hard, jagged (rocks, stairs), roll twice and take the higher roll
  • onto something sharp and pointy, take an extra die of messy damag
  • from a great height (off a cliff, from the ramparts), roll Last Breath

When you try to catch yourself as you fall, roll +STR or +DEX (your choice):

  • on a 10+, phew, got it; on a 7-9, you catch yourself but pick 1 from the list below; on a 6-, down you go.
    • Something you were carrying falls and is lost; ask the GM what it was
    • Your grip is slipping or your handhold is crumbling; think fast!
    • Freeze up, holding on for dear life until you overcome your fear