A Dungeon World Wiki

General Equipment Tags

These are general tags that can apply to just about any piece of gear. You’ll see them on armor, weapons or general adventuring tools.

  • +Bonus: It modifies your effectiveness in a specified situation. It might be “+1 forward to spout lore ” or “-1 ongoing to hack and slash .”
  • Applied: It’s only useful when carefully applied to a person or to something they eat or drink.
  • Awkward: It’s unwieldy and tough to use.
  • Dangerous: It’s easy to get in trouble with it. If you interact with it without proper precautions the GM may freely invoke the consequences of your foolish actions.
  • n coins: How much it costs to buy, normally. If the cost includes “-Charisma ” a little negotiation subtracts the haggler’s Charisma score (not modifier) from the price.
  • n Uses: It can only be used n times.
  • n weight: Count the listed amount against your load . Something with no listed weight isn’t designed to be carried. 100 coins in standard denominations is 1 weight. The same value in gems or fine art may be lighter or heavier.
  • Ration: It’s edible, more or less.
  • Requires: It’s only useful to certain people. If you don’t meet the requirements it works poorly, if at all.
  • Slow: It takes minutes or more to use.
  • Touch: It’s used by touching it to the target’s skin.
  • Two-handed: It takes two hands to use it effectively.
  • Worn: To use it, you have to be wearing it.

General Weapon Tags

  • +n Damage: It is particularly harmful to your enemies. When you deal damage , you add n to it.
  • n Ammo: It counts as ammunition for appropriate ranged weapons. The number indicated does not represent individual arrows or sling stones, but represents what you have left on hand.
  • n Piercing: It goes right through armor . When you deal damage with n piercing, you subtract n from the enemy’s armor for that attack.
  • Forceful: It can knock someone back a pace, maybe even off their feet.
  • Ignores Armor: Don’t subtract armor from the damage taken.
  • Messy: It does damage in a particularly destructive way, ripping people and things apart.
  • Precise: It rewards careful strikes. You use DEX to hack and slash with this weapon, not STR.
  • Reload: After you attack with it, it takes more than a moment to reset for another attack.
  • Stun: When you attack with it, it does stun damage instead of normal damage.
  • Thrown: Throw it at someone to hurt them. If you volley with this weapon, you can’t choose to mark off ammo on a 7–9; once you throw it, it’s gone until you can recover it.

Range Tags

  • Hand: It’s useful for attacking something within your reach, no further.
  • Close: It’s useful for attacking something at arm’s reach plus a foot or two.
  • Reach: It’s useful for attacking something that’s several feet away—maybe as far as ten.
  • Near: It’s useful for attacking if you can see the whites of their eyes.
  • Far: It’s useful for attacking something in shouting distance.

Suggested Item Tags

  • Magical
    • blessed: provides a benefit to its owner such as an immunity or +N Stat bonus
    • cursed: provides a liability to its owner such as a vulnerability.
  • Mundane

Magic Item Tags

  • +N Stat bonus
x Resistant: Item renders its owner resistance from the specified type of attack. When you take damage, they roll twice and take the lower result.
  • x Vulnerable: Item renders its owner exceptionally bad at resisting the specified type of attack. When you take damage, roll twice and take the highest result.
  • X Immunity: Item renders its owner immunity to the specified type of attack. When you take damage, you take no damage instead.