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Classic DW intentionally avoids characterizing the races. Instead, individual GMs are giving free rein to make all of them as unique as they wish. Here are some questions that GMs can think about either while Prepping for their first game chronicle or to ask the players during First Session.

1. How common are elves in the the Known World compared to humans, dwarves and halflings?

2. What are three physical traits that more distinguish halflings from the other player races? Is there anything physically unique about them compared to Tolkien or D&D?

3. Are elves found in multiple regions in the Known World? What is three important or interesting about the specific elven culture closest to where the game session/campaign begins?

4. Are any of the adventurers elves from this or a nearby region? What are three things they were taught about the human race? And the halflings? And the dwarves?

5.Do the elves in the starting area have good relations with the humans? The dwarves? The halflings? Is there a different race they have good relations with? What about a non-player race or creature that they especially fear or dread?

6. Do the elves of the starting region celebrate any special holidays or worship a deity of any kind? What are three important or interesting things about the local elven religion or holidays?