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Adapted from Fine Mess Games

Dungeon Starters are a form of GM prep for running the first session of a Dungeon World game. Dungeon Starters don’t dictate plot, they’re not Fronts (you write those after the first session), and they don’t replace the GM playbook. They are also less detailed than Adventure Starters.

Dungeon Starters are for those times when you want to just sit down and start a game right right away. Just a couple pages long, Dungeon Starters provide a unified flavor. Among other things, they include some simple details, questions, impressions, custom moves, items and services, spells and monsters. Sometimes there is even a map or visual image or two.

Easy Dungeon Starter Template by Whipblade

  • You are at the entrance to NAMED DUNGEON LOCATION,
  • You have journeyed here to QUEST on behalf of MORALLY AMBIGUOUS CHARACTER.
  • Your luck has turned sour though, because IMMEDIATE IMPEDIMENT.
  • And that’s a real problem because GRUELING CONSEQUENCES.
  • To make matters worse, you have just seen signs of APPROACHING THREAT.
  • You can’t turn back since YET ANOTHER ANNOYING REASON.

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