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Classic Dungeon Gear

Adventuring Gear

5 uses, 20 coins, 1 weight

Adventuring gear is a collection of useful mundane items such as chalk, poles, spikes, ropes, etc. When you rummage through your adventuring gear for some useful mundane item, you find what you need and mark off a use.


3 uses, slow, 5 coins, 0 weight

When you have a few minutes to bandage someone else’s wounds, heal them of 4 damage and expend a use.

Poultices and Herbs

2 uses, slow, 10 coins, 1 weight

When you carefully treat someone’s wounds with poultices and herbs, heal them of 7 damage and expend a use.

Healing Potion

50 coins, 0 weight

When you drink an entire healing potion, heal yourself of 10 damage or remove one debility, your choice.

Keg of Dwarven Stout

10 coins, 4 weight

When you open a keg of dwarven stout and let everyone drink freely, take +1 to your Carouse roll. If you drink a whole keg yourself, you are very, very drunk.

Bag of Books

5 uses, 10 coins, 2 weight

When your bag of books contains just the right book for the subject you’re spouting lore on, consult the book, mark off a use, and take +1 to your roll.  {Suggestion: typically carried by wizards but could be used by hirelings, bards, clerics or custom classes .- LAS}


10 coins, 0 weight

When you drink antitoxin, you’re cured of one poison affecting you.

Dungeon Rations;

Ration, 5 uses, 3 coins, 1 weight

Not tasty, but not bad either.

Personal Feast

Ration, 1 use, 10 coins, 1 weight

Ostentatious to say the least.

Dwarven Hardtack

requires Dwarf, ration, 7 uses, 3 coins, 1 weight

Dwarves say it tastes like home. Everyone else says it tastes like home, if home is a hog farm, and on fire.

Elven Bread

Ration, 7 uses, 10 coins, 1 weight

Only the greatest of elf-friends are treated to this rare delicacy.

Halfling Pipeleaf

6 uses, 5 coins, 0 weight

When you share halfling pipeleaf with someone, expend two uses and take +1 forward to parley with them.

Custom Dungeon Gear

Adventurer's Pack

1 weight, 10 coins

Classic DW assumes that adventurers have a pack or sack for their belongings. This backpack includes a bedroll, cooking pot, bowl, utensils and canteen as well as straps, pockets, etc., to make it simple to keep gear organized. Anything essential to Make Camp except rations can be supposed to be there, as well as extra room for additional supplies and treasure- as much weight as the bearer's load can be carried in it or strapped to it.

Thick Cloak

1 weight, 10 coins

While an adventurer's garb has no weight, a thick cloak can make an impromptu bedroll, help with disguise or stealth, make rain or cold less burdensome and be used in a number of creative ways by its owner.