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Discoveries and Dangers are two essential components to encounters. Every site (a place of interest) in a game session (within and outside of dungeons ) should have at least one potential encounter centering on a discovery or danger.  They do no have to be pre-planned.  They do not need to be obvious and in plain site.  However, they should be something that can found and prepared for with a successful +10 Discern Realities roll.  What the characters do with the information can trigger additional moves (player and GM).  A discovery can unleash a danger if the characters mistreat it; a danger when defeated might reveal a discovery.  


Anything the party finds that is interesting, but not an immediate threat. It might be: beneficial like a healing spring or friendly NPC worth exploring for the sake of potential adventure or accumulating lore. an obstacle like a broken bridge over a deep chasm that has to be dealt with or navigated around.


Anything which, if left unchecked, may be harmful such as a monster or trap. might be minor and incidental could part of or become part of a Danger in a larger Front.