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Gods- and their adversaries- are fantastical.  Who they are, what they want and how much direct influence they have in a Dungeon World campaign is as unlimited as your imagination.  In classical DW, only a details are known about most of them.  Gods have domains- specialized conceptual areas of knowledge and activity.  Six are provided in the core book. Gods imbue their champions (such as the cleric) with divine magic. In exchange, the cleric communes with them and petitions them by making sacrifices/offerings in their name that follow the precepts of their religion.  

Gods are generally the embodiment of an alignment .  They might be the only deity of said alignment in a campaign world or they might be one of several.  Gods might have other gods as advesaries or it might be powerful demon lords, devils, or alien horror.  The cosmic conflict might have a direct impact on the Fronts going on in a campaign.  It can definitely be discovered and developed through the fiction.  

Classic Domains

  • Healing and Restoration
  • Bloody Conquest
  • Civilization
  • Knowledge and Hidden Things
  • The Downtrodden and Forgotten
  • What Lies Beneath