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Alternative "Ice" Wizard Spells by Hyathin

Ray of Frost Lvl 1 (Magic Missile)

A frigid beam springs from your fingers. Deal 2d4 cold damage to one target.

Cone of Cold Lvl 3 (Fireball)

You bring forth an icy blast that envelops your target and everyone nearby, inflicting 2d6 cold damage which ignores armor.

Freeze Lvl 5 (Cage)

The target is encased in pure elemental cold. Anything approaching the affected creature will slow the closer it gets, freezing when within touch. The "cold cage" remains until you cast another spell or dismiss it. While the spell is ongoing, the frozen creature can hear your thoughts and you cannot leave sight of them.

Chilling Mist Lvl 7 (Cloudkill)

A cloud of icy fog drifts into this realm from the elemental plane, filling the immediate area. Whenever a creature in the area takes damage it takes an additional, separate 1d6 cold damage which ignores armor. This spell persists so long as you can see the affected area, or until you dismiss it.

Waterways Lvl 7 (Shadow Walk)

The body of water (at least puddle size) you target with this spell becomes a portal for you and your allies. Name a watery location, describing it with a number of words up to your level. Submerging in the portal takes you and any allies present when you cast the spell into or through the water you described. The portal may only be used once by each ally.