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An Acolyte is an assistant in the arcane arts, who takes up magic in an almost fanatical sense, obsessed with ritualistic practice.

Powerhouse – When given sufficient time and safety the Acolyte can set up a temporary place of power, to perform any kind of magical practice. The condition "The best you can do is a lesser version, unreliable and limited" will always be added to a ritual using Powerhouse, and cannot be vetoed.

Ritual Assistance – When performing Ritual, you may choose to veto a number of GM conditions equal/up-to the Acolyte's skill -1. All vetoed conditions will reflect back onto the Acolyte in some negative fashion, sometimes even invoking an Order Hirelings roll due to risk. If 4 conditions are ever vetoed at once, then the Acolyte dies from the magical backlash of the ritual.


Applied Theory-  Any poison the Apothecary uses loses the dangerous tag and gains the mostly harmless tag. When you order the Apothecary to apply a poison to a weapon, drink or object, they take -1 ongoing to any other hireling skill or Loyalty. This effect lasts until they have considerable down time or medical attention to recover from accidentally poisoning themselves.

Peculiar Brew - When you have down time, the Apothecary can brew +Skill worth of any commonly commercially available poison or potion. However any home brew created by the Apothecary will have strange and unwanted side effects.


Bush Tucker -  When you make camp the Cook can create +Skill amount of temporary rations. These rations are perishable and will last for a day or two at most.

Celebratory Feast - When you Carouse, you can choose to add +1 to the roll by having the Cook whip up a feast. However you now add this to the list of Carouse options to choose from:

  • Nobody suffers food poisoning

Man/Maid Servant

Porter- The servant has Load 6+Skill carrying capacity. Anything they carry won't drop or be lost to unforseen circumstances unless they are killed or its forcibly taken off him by another character. 

Domestic Service - When the party Makes Camp, the servant takes care of the tedious chores involved in settling in for the night.  For each point of Skill, an adventurer can have an extra hour of uninterrupted time for their own personal purposes. The total number of hours uninterrupted skill can be divided between two or more adventurers.