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If the looks provided by a playbook really aren't satisfying, the resources below are helpful in creating something else. Detailed lists to cover eyes, hair and body type are provided below as well as some links to good random generators.  There is some overlap between eye colors and hair color.  Don't hesitate to mix and match the colors or add in more exotic ones to create a fantastical look for a fantastical world.  


large, small, narrow, sharp, squinty, round, wide-set, close-set, deep-set, sunken, bulging, protruding, wide, hooded, heavy-lidded, bright, sparkling, glittering, flecked, dull, bleary, rheumy, cloudy, red-rimmed, beady, birdlike, cat-like, jewel-like, almond-shaped, steely, hard, fringed with long lashes, with sweeping eyelashes, with thick eyelashes

chestnut, chocolate brown, cocoa brown, coffee brown, mocha, mahogany, sepia, sienna brown, mink brown, copper, amber, cognac, whiskey, brandy, honey, tawny, topaz, hazel, obsidian, onyx, coal, raven, midnight, sky blue, sunny blue, cornflower blue, steel blue, ice blue, glacial blue, crystal blue, cerulean, electric blue, azure, lake blue, aquamarine, turquoise,slate blue / slate gray, storm blue / storm gray, silver / silver gray, chrome, platinum, pewter, smoky gray, ash gray, dove gray, shark gray, fog gray, olive, emerald, leaf green, moss green


long, short,shoulder-length, loose, limp, dull, shiny ,glossy, sleek, smooth, luminous, lustrous, spiky, stringy, shaggy, tangled, messy, tousled, windblown, unkempt, bedhead, straggly, neatly combed, parted, slicked down / slicked back, cropped, clipped, buzzed / buzz cut, crewcut, bob, mullet, curly, bushy, frizzy, wavy, straight, lanky, dry, oily, greasy layers, corkscrews, spirals, ringlets,braids,widow’s peak,bald,shaved,comb-over, afro, thick, luxuriant, voluminous, full, wild, untamed, bouncy, wispy, fine, thinning

black, blue-black, jet black, raven, ebony, inky black, midnight, sable, salt and pepper, silver / silver gray, charcoal gray, steel gray, white, snow-white, brown, brunette, chocolate brown, coffee brown, ash brown, brown sugar, nut brown, caramel, tawny brown, toffee brown, red, ginger, auburn, Titian-haired, copper, strawberry blonde, butterscotch, honey, wheat, blonde, golden, sandy blond, flaxen, fair-haired, bleached, platinum

Body Type

tall, average height, short, petite, tiny, compact, big, large, burly, beefy, bulky, brawny, barrel-chested, heavy / heavy-set, fat, overweight, obese, flabby, chunky, chubby, pudgy, pot-bellied, portly, thick, stout, lush, plush, full-figured, ample, rounded, generous, voluptuous, curvy, hourglass, plump, leggy / long-legged, gangling, lanky, coltish, lissome, willowy, lithe, lean, slim, slender, trim, thin, skinny, emaciated, gaunt, bony, spare, solid, stocky, wiry, rangy, sinewy, stringy, ropy, sturdy, strapping, powerful, hulking, fit, athletic, toned, built, muscular, chiseled, taut, ripped, Herculean, broad-shouldered, sloping shoulders, bowlegged