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Bonds are made at Character Creation and resolve as the game fiction develops. New bonds can be written any time its appropriate with End of Session being ideal.

Sample Custom Bonds for Character Creation

adapted from Sly Flourish

  • ___________ and I are [family relationship] who survived being ___________ together.
  • It has been prophesied that I will save ___________ from a terrible fate.
  • ___________ found me in the bowels of a ___________. I was ___________ at the time.
  • ___________ is oath-bound to save me from a terrible curse.
  • ___________ and I are the only survivors of a horrible ___________ attack.
  • ___________ and I share dreams of exploring the ___________ together.
  • ___________ and I are sworn to recover the ___________ for ___________.
  • ___________ and I have were hired by ___________ to ___________ but it ended badly for us.