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A curse invokesmagic (arcane or divine) to cause harm or inflict punishment, possibly through an indirect means.  They are a type of spell that doesn't belong to a specific school- unless a GM wishes that to be true for their campaign world. Curses are mentioned in passing several times in the Dungeon World core book but not included as an actual component to the system.  All curses can be broken or removed in some manner. Curses may or may not deal damage, either immediately or over time.   Unlike debilities, they do not end via the Recover move.The 9th level cleric spell Repair will end all magical effects including curses.  A custom Remove Curse move can be granted to an NPC or even learned by a character when its appropriate to the fiction.  

Cursed Places are included on the lists of Dangers for Fronts with suggested GM moves.  How places, or people, or items get cursed is left up to the individual imagination.  Here are some general resources to help GMs use curses.   

Bestowing Curses (GM Move)

A curse might be laid upon an adventurer via a creature like a witch who's capable of bestowing curses as a monster move .  It could be something that happens from being in the wrong place at the wrong time when a curse is being laid down on everyone in the area (location move).  It might be the direct result of an action a character does to offend a god or higher power (danger move).  It could be the result of picking up or activating a cursed item- if so?  The character can find out about it when the GM reveals an unwelcome truth.  The curse could even be the result of the adventurer being put on a spot or the price paid when they want something desperately but could not otherwise get it (Tell them the requirements or consequences and ask).  In all cases?  Think Dangerous but Be A Fan of the Characters.  

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