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From bustling trade center to sprawling metropolis, the city represents the largest sort of steading in Dungeon World. These are places where folk of many races and kinds can be found. They often exist at the confluence of a handful of trade routes or are built in a place of spiritual significance. They don’t often generate their own raw materials for trade, relying on supplies from villages nearby for food and resources, but will always have crafted goods and some stranger things for sale to those willing to seek them.

By default a city's tags are Moderate, Steady, Guard, Market, and Guild (one of your choice). It also has Oaths with at least two other steadings, usually a town and a keep. If the city has trade with at least one steading and fealty from at least one steading choose one:

  • The city has permanent defenses, like walls: +Defenses, Oath (your choice)
  • The city is ruled by a single individual: Personage (the ruler), Power (Political)
  • The city is diverse: Dwarven or Elven or both
  • The city is a trade hub: Trade (every steading nearby), +Prosperity
  • The city is ancient, built on top of its own ruins: History (your choice), Divine
  • The city is a center of learning: Arcane, Craft (your choice), Power (Arcane)

Choose one problem:

  • The city has outgrown its resources: +Population, Need (food)
  • The city has designs on nearby territory: Enmity (nearby steadings), +Defenses
  • The city is ruled by a theocracy: -Defenses, Power (Divine)
  • The city is ruled by the people: -Defenses, +Population
  • The city has supernatural defenses: +Defenses, Blight (related supernatural creatures)
  • The city lies on a place of power: Arcane, Personage (whoever watches the place of power), Blight (arcane creatures)