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In the Dungeon World system, each class has its own playbook.  The playbook includes a character sheet and all the information required to fill it out such as starting moves, what races , alignments,  bond suggestions , etc.  The Core Classes have playbooks available for free from DW publishers, along with a printable copy of the basic moves and special moves.  Below is the same information in a non-playbook format.    

Choose A Class

During group character creation, GMs should first provide  a copy of each available playbook. In a classic DW, only one character of each class exists in the world. If you are the bard, you are the only bard in the known world, though there are minstrels and other types of musicians.  Therefore, each player must select a different class from everyone else.  

Core Classes

Other Classes

Choose A Race

In a Dungeon world campaign, players narratively create details about people, places, and things as the game proceeds. Specific details about the character races (size, skin color, cultural stereotypes) don't need to rely on established fantasy world tropes. The "who", "what", "where", "how", and "why" of each DW game thereby becomes its own fiction. Below are the class/race combinations in classic Dungeon World, which link to  their unique starting move.  .

Choose An Alignment

Alignment highlights something that your character is driven to do because of their ethics, ideals or basic instincts. Most creatures have a neutral alignment. In classic DW, only some of the alignments are available to each class. These are listed below with links to an aspiration for each class/alignment combo. If a character successfully carries through on that aspiration during a game session, they get an XP during wrap-up.

Choose Ability Scores

Choose Name

Choose Look

Fill In Hit Points

  • Barbarian HP is 8+Con Score
  • Bard HP is 6+Con Score
  • Cleric HP is 8+Con Score
  • Druid HP is 6+Con Score
  • Fighter HP is 10+Con Score
  • Immolator HP is 4+Con Score
  • Paladin HP is 10+Con Score
  • Ranger HP is 8+Con Score
  • Thief HP is 6+Con Score
  • Wizard is 4+Con Score

Fill In Base Damage Dealt

  • Barbarian base damage is d10
  • Bard base damage is d6
  • Cleric base damage is d6
  • Druid base damage is d6
  • Fighter base damage is d10
  • Immolator base damage is d8
  • Paladin base damage is d10
  • Ranger base damage is d8
  • Thief base damage is d8
  • Wizard base damage is d4

Read Starting Moves

Most Starting Moves are very straight forward.  The following starting moves, however, require players to make selections from lists and can serve as a foundation for a character's personal history and personality.  

Choose Gear

  • Establish Load
    • Barbarian load is 8 +Str Mod
    • Bard load is 9 + Str Mod
    • Cleric load is 10 + Str Mod 
    • Druid load is 6 + Str Mod
    • Fighter load is 12 + Str Mod
    • Immolator load is 9 + Str Mod
    • Paladin load is 12 + Str Mod
    • Ranger load is 11 + Str Mod
    • Thief load is 9 + Str Mod
    • Wizard load is 7 + Str Mod
  • Select Gear (By Class)
  • Establish Armor Rating (based of selected Gear); should be 0-4.  

Choose Bonds