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(Horse Wife) by Jeremy Strandberg {pronounced "KEF-el-rag")

solitary, large, cautious, organized, magical, spirit
HP 20, Armor 0
Kicking hoofs: [w]2d8+3 (hand, close, forceful)

  • Manifest as a majestic, beautiful horse
  • Slip free of any restraint
  • Guide the herd like it was a single living entity
  • Curse someone with wild, unbridled emotions

Instinct: to be fiercely independent

A herd of wild horses has a life, nay, a spirit all its own, a spirit as free and fickle as the wind. Take care, you who would poach wild horses for your own purpose, lest you find your heart turned against you!

Something interesting: A ceffylwraig sees herself more as queen than wife: proud and haughty, disdainful of the weak and the slow, the herd her subjects more than her children

Something useful: a ceffylwraig is scornful and suspicious of praise or fancy words, but can be appeased by thoughtful gifts, offered with appropriate respect from proud women of noble bearing

  • What sort of gift do the ceffylwraig most value?
  • What sort of gift will do in a pinch?