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When you take damage from fire (incidental damage, not damage from a creature), you take…

  • 1d4 damage if it’d cause small, localized burns: a torch, a sleeve on fire, etc.
  • 1d6 damage if it’d cause sizeable, painful burns: a campfire, a brazier full of hot coals, getting splashed with flaming lamp oil, etc.
  • 1d8 damage if it’s a big and engulfing: a bonfire, a house fire
  • 1d10 damage if it’s incinerating: hellfire, a roaring wildfire, lava

Fire damage is often messy.

When you stop, drop, and roll, roll +CON:

  • On 10+, the flames go out, but the GM might ask you to pick 1 if you were seriously lit up
  • On 7-9, the flames go out but the GM picks 1, and might ask you to pick another
    • Mark a debility : Weakened, Shaky, Sickened, or Scarred (your choice)
    • Something you were wearing burns up; ask the GM what
    • Take damage from the flames; ask the GM how much
  • On a 6-, burn, baby, burn. Roll additional damage as well as anything else the GM does.